Eclipse Event - Health and Safety Information

Health and Safety Information City of Pittsburg

Eclipse Event April 8, 2024


• Expect Crowds, delays, and traffic Thur. April 5, 2024, thru Mon. April 8, 2024

• Use 911 for emergencies ONLY. Use websites for information or call non-emergency numbers.

• If calling 911 does not work, try texting 911. Be specific with information

• Listen to Radio stations K- Lake 97.7 or Star Country 96.9 for local information

• NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY WITHOUT ISO-RATED EYE GEAR– EVER! – This will cause permanent damage to your eyes. Normal sunglasses WILL NOT protect you when looking at the sun.

• Expect possible short-term shortages of supplies such as food, fuel, toilet paper

• Delayed responses for public services due to increased volume and traffic

• Possible communication issues such as WiFi or Cellular outages (have a plan if your the phone does not work)

• Parking: do not park in unapproved areas such as private property or block

entrances or exits.

• ATM - outages of cash - due to an increase in visitors and possible technical issues with credit cards

• Have extra cash on hand if technical issues with credit cards


• KNOW YOUR SPECIFIC LOCATION if you need to communicate with 911 either by voice or texting.

• The severe weather shelter is located at the Camp County Courthouse, 126 E Church St., Pittsburg, TX 75686 (downtown).


• Plan for extra supplies and medications before the event

• Make scheduled appointments before or after the event

• Expect visitors from other countries- challenges with language, customs

• Limit driving if possible due to traffic delays, road closures, and parking issues