Pitts Cemetery

Pitts Family CemeteryWilliam Harrison Pitts & Family

The Pitts family cemetery was established by William Harrison Pitts, founder of Pittsburg. According to family history, the earliest burial on this site was that of Sarah Richardson Harvey Pitts, the third wife of W.H. Pitts and mother of their daughter Ella, in 1862. Confederate Corporal Joseph H. Pitts was buried here in 1863. 

Others interred here include W.H. Pitts' mother, Drucilla Neal Pitts, and five of his eight siblings. These members of the large Pitts family left their Georgia plantations and reestablished their households here on the Texas frontier in the mid 19th century. They shaped early Camp County and saw Pittsburg grow into a thriving village. The cemetery remains a chronicle of early Camp County history and culture.

A Historical Site

Pitts Cemetery is now preserved as a historical site and burials are no longer permitted. Located just west of downtown on Quitman Street, stop and read the markers for this historic cemetery.