Trash Ordinance

View the full trash ordinance by visiting our Franklin Legal Publishing website.

Garbage needs to be set out by 7 am to avoid being missed. Sanitation Solutions will pick up five to seven bags each day. All garbage must be bagged, even if you provide your own garbage can. Loose garbage in a can will not be emptied.

Trash Service Details

Contact City Hall if you believe your trash was missed at (903) 856-3621.

  • Your residence is scheduled for trash collection twice a week.
  • Place trash on the curb by 7:00 am the morning of the scheduled trash pickup.
    Trash Collection Services begin at 7:00 am and could be missed if not on the curb by then.
  • All trash must be bagged in refuse bags.
    Bags need to have a minimum thickness of 2 millimeters and are manufactured for garbage disposal.
  • Loose trash will not be picked up.
    Loose trash may scatter.
  • Trash Collection Services operate from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
    On heavy trash days, your trash may be delayed being picked up until later in the day.
  • Seven trash bags maximum are allowed to be placed on the curb for pickup.
    Over seven bags are considered bulk pickup. See those details below.
  • Brush and tree limbs, cut and tied in bundles, can be placed at the curb on collection day for pickup.
    Bundles must not exceed 3 feet in length for pick up.
  • Do not place trash on the curb before the morning of scheduled pickup per city ordinance.
    This will help our community stay clean.

Items That Will Not Be Picked Up

The City or Sanitation Solutions will not pick up the following:

  • Appliances that contain freon
  • Loose trash
  • Oil
  • Remodeling debris
  • Shingles
  • Tires
  • TVs
  • Wet paint