Utilities Department

The Water Department is responsible for the production and distribution of water throughout the community and includes the maintenance of:

  • Booster pumps
  • Storage tanks
  • Treatment plants
  • Waste-water collection lines
  • Water meters
  • Water wells

New Service

  • You can fill out an application by visiting City Hall at 200 Rusk Street. 
  • You will need to bring a driver's license. 
  • The residential deposit is $175. A business deposit varies - it is a minimum of $200. 
  • A signed rental or lease agreement required if not purchasing a home.

Water Quality

The City’s water originates from Lake Bob Sandlin and seven deep-water wells. The water from Lake Bob Sandlin is treated by Northeast Texas Municipal Water District and is then blended with the treated water from the city’s seven deep-water wells that then provide metered water service and fire protection to the City’s residents.

Water Quality Reports

Take a look at our annual drinking water reports in our Archive Center.

  1. Residential Application
  2. Commercial Application