Alarm Statistics

Pittsburg Fire Department averages responding to 338 incidents annually, a little less than one incident per day. Considering that we do not operate Emergency Medical Services, this is fairly active for a department of our size.

Annual Average Responses

The following are annual average responses, by incident type:

  • 5 Motor Vehicle Accidents (With Actual Rescues)
  • 14 Motor Vehicle Fires
  • 26 Motor Vehicle Accidents (Without Rescues Involved)
  • 3 Rescues (Other Than from Motor Vehicles)
  • 30 Structure Fires (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
  • 33 Service Calls (Primarily Unauthorized Burns, Smoke Odor, Assisting the Public or Other Governmental Agency)
  • 39 Hazardous Materials/Hazardous Conditions
  • 86 Good Intent Calls and False Alarms (Primarily Control Burn Investigations and Investigation of Reports of Fires or Hazardous Conditions That Turn out Not to Be)
  • 102 Wildland Fires