Outdoor Burning

This page will give you full details so that you can determine what and if you can burn. However, it is always best practice to call the Pittsburg Fire Department before you burn at 903-856-6392.

Outdoor Burning Ordinance

In an effort to allow citizens an opportunity to burn appropriate materials within the city limits, nationally recommended standards for outdoor burning were adopted by the City of Pittsburg. These nationally recommended standards have been put in place to reduce the potential threat of uncontrolled fires as well as reduce the amount of smoke that settles when burning materials such as leaves.

Daily weather conditions applicable to the Outdoor Burn Ordinance (PDF). The Outdoor Burn Ordinance is available for full details and outdoor burn requirements.

Prohibited Items

The Outdoor Burning Ordinance specifically lists items that are always prohibited to burn within the city limits. These items are referenced in the TCEQ Outdoor Burning Rules and are listed in the ordinance. The ordinance also has specific weather parameters that must be meet before you are allowed to burn outdoors.

Materials, which are allowed to be burned must follow the following parameters set by the Pittsburg City Council and are subject to violation enforcement if are not followed:

  • All burning within the city limits must occur and be completely out (not smoldering) between the hours of 10 am and one hour prior to sunset.
  • All burning within the city limits must occur when the wind is over five miles per hour and less than 15 miles per hour.
  • All burning within the city limits must occur when the Relative Humidity is above 40% and less than 65%.