State Incentives

Disclaimer: The material contained in this Summary of State Incentives is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be construed as a commitment. Assumptions are based on creating jobs and providing capital investment. Total jobs and capital investment have been included as eligible costs for the various incentive programs available. However, actual jobs and capital investment may vary from the assumptions made due to the final determination of program eligibility and site location.

State Incentives & Programs

Summary of State Incentives and Programs (PDF)

  • Ad Valorem/Property Tax Exemption
  • Bonds
  • Cancer Prevention and Research General Obligation Bonds
  • Chapter 380/381
  • Defense Economic Adjustment Assistance Grant Program (DEAAG)
  • Economic Development and Diversification In-State Tuition for Employees
  • Franchise Tax Deduction for Business Relocation
  • Moving Image Industry Incentive Program
  • Permit Assistance
  • Renewable Energy Incentives
  • Research and Development Tax Credit
  • Self-Sufficiency Fund
  • Skills Development Fund
  • State Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
  • Texas Capital Fund Infrastructure Program
  • Texas Capital Fund Real Estate Development Program
  • Texas Economic Development Act
  • Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Texas Enterprise Zone Program
  • Texas Military Value Revolving Loan Fund
  • Texas Product Development and Small Business Incubator Fund (PDSBI)