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Animal Services

Report Dogs Running Loose

Section 2.08.006 Failure to control or restrain animal

It shall be unlawful for any owner to allow an animal to chase vehicles or molest, attack, or interfere with other animals or persons on public property, or be at large as defined in section 2.01.001 herein. (1999 Code, section 2.1806)

State law reference-Restraint of dogs and cats, V.T.C.A., Health and Safety Code, section 826.033.

Report Inhumane Care of an Animal

Section 2.03.001 Generally

Animals shall be provided humane care and treated and transported in a humane manner and not in violation of the Texas Penal Code, the Texas Health and Safety Code, or any other provision of law, including federal, state and local laws, ordinances and rules. (1999 Code, section 2.401)

Code Enforcement

Report a Junk Vehicle

Section 8.05.003

(a) The location or presence of any junked vehicles on any lot, tract, parcel of land or portion thereof, occupied or unoccupied, improved or unimproved, within the city shall be deemed a public nuisance and it shall be unlawful for any person or persons to cause or maintain such public nuisance by wrecking, dismantling, rendering inoperable, abandoning or discarding his or their vehicle or vehicles on the property of another or to suffer, permit or allow the same to be placed, located, maintained or exist upon his or their own real property.

Report High Weeds at a Private Property

Dangerous weeds. It shall be unlawful for [any person to permit] weeds in excess of 48 inches which are deemed by the city to be an immediate danger to the health, life or safety of any person, [and] the city may immediately abate said nuisance with no notice to the property owner, regardless of the exceptions provided in subsection (c).

Report Trash / Litter / Debris

Accumulation of trash, carrion, filth, etc. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation who shall own or occupy any house, buildings, establishment, lot or yard in the city to permit or allow any carrion, filth, rubbish, unsightly, objectionable or unsanitary matter, or other impure or unwholesome matter to accumulate or grow on said lot or lots.

Report Unauthorized Garage Sale

Section 4.03.003 Frequency; duration

Any garage sale operator may conduct a garage sale within the city limits, so long as:

(1) No more than two garage sales can be conducted from any residence during a 12-month period; and

(2) No garage sale may continue for more than three days.

(1999 Code, section 4.902)

Section 4.03.004 Signs

(a) No garage sale signs shall be exhibited more than one day prior to the sale, and shall be removed upon the expiration of the garage sale. Each garage sale sign must list the name of the garage sale operator, the physical address of the garage sale, contact number and the date(s) of the garage sale.

(b) Garage sale signs shall be displayed on the applicant's property visible no more than six feet from the curbline or nearest edge of the paved portion of the nearest street or right-of-way.

(c) Off-premises garage sale signs shall not exceed two in number, and may be posted off-premises on private property with the express permission of the property owner.

(d) Garage sale signs shall not be mounted upon or attached to any utility pole, traffic sign or street sign or other public device or structure. Signs may not be posted in any right-of-way. Signs must be securely staked or otherwise secured.

(e) All signs for garage sales shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after the expiration of the garage sale advertised on such sign(s).


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