Hwy 271 Grant Program

Highway 271 Board

The Highway 271 Business Board's primary purpose is to be a voice for your business and to create, foster, and inspire quality growth for Pittsburg, specifically along the Highway 271 corridor. The Highway 271 Business Board facilitates the grant programs and encourages each property or business owner to use the program for their business to improve the overall aesthetics of Highway 271.

Established Since 2016.

Grant Information

Please see the design guidelines for eligible projects. Applications should be submitted to the Community Development Office at City Hall located at 200 Rusk Street.

Available Grants

Façade Grant/s

  • Entrance doors and windows (max $5,000)
  • Exterior lighting on building or parking lot (not signage) (max $2,000)
    • Awning/canopy (max $2,000)
  • Painting (max $2,000)
  • Replacement of non-preferred material (max $10,000)

Median Landscape Grant & Other External Property Improvements

  • Landscape (max $2,000) total estimate (dollars)
  • Other (max $2,000) total estimate (dollars)
    • Example: Fences, structures visible from Highway 271, trash barrier - at the discretion of the Highway 271 Board

Sign Grants

  • Attached building (max $500)
  • Detached monument (max $10,000)

Parking Lot Grant 

  • Max $5,000; total estimate (dollars)
  • Contact any member of the Highway 271 Board or Niecy Baum at Pittsburg City Hall for more information.

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