The Pittsburg Difference


Ezekiel Airship Wing

Located in the Northeast Region of Texas, Pittsburg is centrally located between Dallas/Fort Worth and Texarkana, within 10 minutes of the I-30 corridor.

We are the HotLink Capital of Texas and the home to the Ezekiel Airship. Top-rated schools, a charming historic downtown, museums, award-winning parks, and lakes make us a place to call home. Pittsburg has easy access to interstates, regional airports, multidirectional rail services, infrastructure, and natural resources giving us strategic advantages for retail and industrial development.


Where we came from

Pittsburg began in the mid-1850s as primarily an agricultural town producing corn, cotton, syrup, and others. Eventually, we became known as the home of racecar legend Carrol Shelby, Cavendar's Boot City, and Pittsburg Hotlinks. 

Who we are

Pittsburg offers retail, industrial, and entertainment business opportunity with its unique blend of history and modern amenities.

  • 84% Camp County population has a high school diploma
  • 48% Some college education or more
  • 35.8 Medium Age