Before you volunteer

Membership to the Pittsburg Fire Department (PFD) requires a great deal of commitment, both by individuals and their families. The following are minimum requirements for membership to this department:

  • Successfully pass criminal and driving record background checks
  • Reside inside Camp County for a minimum of six (6) months prior to applying for membership
  • Attend at least 40% of PFD’s scheduled training sessions
  • Actively participate in a state approved certification training program conducted by PFD
  • Attend at least 15% of PFD’s emergency responses
  • Be willing and able to work within a paramilitary-style organization and chain of command.

Firefighting is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. A fire department is also one of the most rewarding service-oriented organizations that a person can belong to. Physical requirements include walking, lifting, bending, carrying, climbing, wearing protective ensembles that can be reasonably heavy, and exposure to heat, weather conditions, and hazardous environments. Mental stress can be a crucial element in that members could deal with incidents that involve fatalities, severe injuries, destruction, and life-and-death situations. In a small community like ours, these incidents could involve relatives or friends of our members.

Employers may not be willing or able to allow you to leave your job to respond to incidents. Family members may not be aware of the commitment required due to this type of organization's nature. Frank and open discussions may be in order before submitting an application.

As a member of this department, you are an “Agent of the City of Pittsburg” and an “Agent of Camp County” and will be held to a higher standard regarding your public and personal life. The public’s trust in this department is paramount, and our actions will continuously be subject to scrutiny. We are a part of a political subdivision and are answerable to the public we serve. Your actions reflect directly on this Department, City, and County.

By completing and signing the application, you are attesting that you read and understand the above and, would like to go forward with the application process and complete this application form with accurate information.