Downtown Parking Inventory

The Pittsburg’s Main Street Advisory Board mission is to value and honor our past while we focus on creating a vibrant future by implementing the Texas Main Street Organization’s Four Point Approach. The approach is a comprehensive strategy tailored to meet local needs and opportunities through Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion, and Organization. The Main Street Advisory Board builds strong relationships and encourages public-private partnerships to enhance economic vitality while preserving the historic character and charm of Pittsburg’s traditional commercial district through a community-based organization.

CW Engineering, LLC conducted a parking study in the downtown area of Pittsburg, Texas. The purpose of this study is to provide a snapshot of how parking is functioning in terms of supply and occupancy for downtown businesses. Engineering judgment was used when determining the boundary of the study area. The study was conducted on July 20, 2021, field data is available in the Appendix.

The study area included public on-street parking, public off-street parking, and private off-street parking. On-street parking was observed on College St, Church Street, SH 11, Marshall Street, Tapps Street, and North Ave. Off-street public parking was observed along Marshall Street across from the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Museum, at the southwest corner of Marshall Street and Rusk Street, at the northeast corner of Church Street and Tapps Street, at the southeast corner of North Ave and College Street and at the northwest corner of Compress Street and Church Street. Off-street private parking was observed at the Northeast Texas Rural Heritage Museum, First United Methodist Church, Camp County EMS, along Marshall Street across from the post office and Larry Richardson dentist office.

Parking Supply by Type

On-Street Public
Off-Street Public 
Private Parking
214 Spaces
134 Spaces
61 Spaces

Parking Information about downtown Pittsburg

Pittsburg_DowntownParking (JPG)