Information for Operating an Unattended Donation Box

NOTE: "Unattended donation box" (UDB) means any unattended container, receptacle, or similar device that is located on any property within the city used for soliciting and collecting donations of clothing or other salvageable personal property. This term does not include attended donation bins operated by an organization or business on their property for the direct benefit of the organization or business. 

Examples of approved UDB: LIbrary books, canned goods, newspapers, aluminum cans, etc. 

Read Ordinance 927-22 for complete details and requirements. This is only an overview If you are interested in having an Unattended Donation Box, you can contact City Hall at (903) 856-3621 with any questions.

Step One: Find a Qualified Location             

  • Located only in B-1 Local Business District or B-2 General Business excluding The Historic District
  • Must be located on a lot with an existing business that is operating in a permitted building
  • Located on a hard surface lot
  • Cannot be located within 50 ft. of a residentially zoned or residentially used property
  • Cannot be located within 400 ft. of an existing UDB
  • No more than one UDB can be on a single lot
  • Cannot be placed on right-a-ways, fire lanes, easements

Step Two: Application 

(Full Unattended Donation Box Regulations and Application

  • The application must be filled out completely
  • Pay the associated fee at City Hall
    • $100 - Annual
    • $100 - Renewal
  • A drawing indicating the specific location of the UDB
  • Submit the application to City Hall
  • Permits are issued to the property owner
  • Permits are from the time issued until December 31st of the current year issued 
  • All permits are required to renew on January 1st with a renewal permit fee

Step Three: Delivery of Unattended Donation Box     

  • Call to arrange inspection upon delivery
  • 24 hours notice must be given for all inspections