What are the rules for Splash Pittsburg?

Rules of Splash Pittsburg

  • No lifeguards on duty; participate at your own risk.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No smoking or vaping (e-cigarettes) allowed.
  • Not outside food, drinks, or gum allowed.
  • Appropriate swim attire is required to use the splash park.
  • Swim diapers are required for young children
  • Diaper changes are not allowed within 6 feet of the splash pad.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No skateboards, bicycles, or other items with wheels are allowed.
  • No rough-housing, aggressive behavior and/or no profanity.
  • Adult supervision required at all times.
  • Swim shoes are recommended.

What to Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Water shoes recommended
  • Appropriate swimwear required
  • Swim diapers are required for young children
  • No outside food, drinks, or gum allowed.

What Not to Bring

  • Food, drinks, coolers, or grills not allowed inside the splash park
  • Chewing gum is not allowed inside the park (help keep the park nice)
  • No plastic toys, balloons, or water toys allowed
  • No alcohol, tobacco, smoking or e-cigarettes allowed
  • No glass containers
  • No pets allowed

What’s Provided

  • Covered pavilions and tables first come first serve
  • Separate men and women’s air-conditioned restroom facilities
  • Baby changing station in both men and women’s restroom facilities
  • Full concession stand serving beverages, snow cones, and snacks

Think Safety

  • No lifeguard on duty
  • Children 12 years and under require adult supervision at all times.
  • The surface may be hot or slippery.
  • Climbing on water play equipment is prohibited.
  • No pushing, rough-housing, or profanity allowed.
  • No outside food or drinks (no glass allowed in the park)
  • Do not drink splash pad water
  • Do not participate in the water if your child is sick or ill with a contagious disease
  • Immediately clear the spray area when storms or lightning is in the area

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