What other services do you offer?
  • City customers will get one free garbage pick-up per calendar year for items requiring special handling or pick-up including tree limbs and brush.
  • Demolition materials and construction debris shall be picked-up at a fee of $50 for each six cubic yard load.
  • Tree limbs must be picked up separately from other kinds of trash.
  • The minimum fee for each pick-up shall be $50. All garbage must be bagged, even if it is placed in trash cans.
  • Call City Hall at 903-856-3621 for observed holidays and how it will affect your residential collection.
  • There is no charge for storm-related limb pick-up.

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1. How much is service?
2. What is my pick-up day?
3. Do you offer bulk pick-up?
4. Do you pick-up brush?
5. What other services do you offer?